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Welcome to Smoothie Solutions.
We are a specialist creator, supplier and distributor of branded and private label IQF frozen smoothie packs. We supply delicious, easy to sell, amazing smoothies to retail and wholesale food-service professionals and distributors in 15 countries and 3 continents. We create 100% natural smoothies with incredible flavours. We supply our products at great prices –  and we provide outstanding customer service. We are different from the other suppliers.

Our smoothies contain real fruits
and berries, deep frozen at – 20º C to preserve all the natural goodness of the ingredients and packed into individual sachets. Simply take one of our frozen smoothie packs from the freezer, add the ingredients to a blender with  juice or yoghurt, mix and serve!  It takes just 30 seconds to prepare and our made-easy technology guarantees an amazing and delicious smoothie every time. Ideal for all food service outlets. Our smoothies are amazing.

Smoothie Solutions – Where success is natural

IQF Smoothies, takeaway glasses courtesy of Smoothie Solutions

100% Real fruit & vegetable smoothies

Preparation time
is just 30 seconds

Award winning
smoothie recipes

No added sugars, flavour enhancers or colouring.

Our Smoothies are prepared with Love

Our 100% natural fruit and vegetable IQF frozen smoothie sachets are available in over 50 fantastic flavours. We manufacture every smoothie to one of our multi-award winning, secret recipes that we have developed over many years. We have been at the leading edge of the Smoothie market since it started. We invite you to taste any other smoothie from any manufacturer – and then taste a smoothie from Smoothie Solutions. We guarantee you will taste the difference. Our Smoothies are prepared with the highest quality fruits, berries and vegetables sourced from many countries around the world.
You can taste the Love.

But we don’t just create and supply amazing frozen smoothies. If you are a food service professional, we will help you to sell them too!  Our customers and partners have immediate access to our team of marketing professionals who know the smoothie market inside out. We provide loads of free advice plus world class menus and publicity – 100 % free of charge. Consumer demand for our all-natural smoothies has never been higher – and we’ve made it easy for any coffee shop or snack bar to integrate freshly made smoothies into their menu. Smoothie Solutions brings amazing smoothies from around the world to your customers. We invite you to join us.

Freshly made for you and your customers

Life Smoothies International / Smoothie Solutions International Smoothie Instructions

How to Make the Perfect Smoothie using our frozen smoothie ingredients


Our IQF frozen Smoothie packs are great for your health – and great for your business

Every smoothie from Smoothie Solutions is packed into a frozen sachet that contains a unique combination of IQF fruits, berries or vegetables, mixed in exactly the best proportions and quantities to prepare a 400 ml, amazingly delicious smoothie.

Every IQF frozen smoothie is prepared to one of our award winning secret recipes that have been developed in conjunction with our highly trained team of in-house taste-ologists. 

We’ve made it incredibly easy for any food and drink service  provider to prepare and serve a 100% natural, freshly made Smoothie – in about the time it takes to make a coffee. No cutting fruit, no waste – and the margins on one of our IQF frozen Smoothies are better than any other soft beverage.

We invite you to join the network of successful Smoothie Solutions customers – and maximise your margins from day one. Our aim is to be your personal smoothie supplier. We hope you will be a lifelong customer and we will treat you that way. We are different.

IQF frozen Smoothie pack features

Delicious, real fruit & vegetable Smoothies, freshly made in 30 seconds.

Multi-award winning IQF frozen Smoothies packed into ready-to-use sachets.

No added sugar, preservatives, colourings or artificial ingredients. 

Bursting with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.

Deep frozen IQF technology locks in the natural goodness of the fruit.

World class publicity and expert marketing support – totally free!

Competitive prices throughout Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and more.

White label / Own brand IQF frozn smoothies for food service retailing chains, partners and distributors.

10 years experience at the leading edge of the IQF frozen smoothies market. 

Leading the market in Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and more with innovation, quality, taste, price, reliability & customer satisfaction.

Rapid deliveries,
7 days a week

Free Marketing Support
and POS

Competitive prices and premium quality

Heroic customer service
- the customer is king

Don't just take
our word for it -
This is what our
customers say
about our
frozen smoothie packs . . .

If you are looking for a fast selling, great tasting smoothie product which is also profitable - get in touch with Smoothie Solutions.

Café MB - Gran Canaria, España

I am the manager of an upmarket beach cafe and our customers love these high quality smoothies! The service from the Smoothie Solutions is impeccable. Thank you to Egle and Stevie and everyone at Smoothie Solutions.

Café Meloneras - Gran Canaria

I have tried many smoothies over the years and I would like to congratulate you on your Life Smoothies brand. They are delicious.

Café Meloneras - Gran Canaria

I own a cafeteria and my customers love these smoothies. Smoothie Solutions is a great company to do business with.

Café Meloneras - Gran Canaria

Our coffee shop have served these amazing smoothies for several years and we are delighted as our customers! We sell around 200 smoothies each week. Thanks Stevie and the team at Smoothie Solutions.

Cafe S - Playa Inglés

Our cafe serves many more smoothies since we changed to Smoothie Solutions. Our customers love the product and the price and service are excellent. I highly recommend Smoothie Solutions.

Cafe - Playa Inglés.

During the first 4 months as an area distributor, I sold 32,000 smoothies to my customers. My business is going even better than planned. I am now placing an order for another 20 pallets for the next few months. It is great to be a part of the Smoothie Solutions family of distributors.

International Distributor

My restaurant has served these smoothies for more than 10 years and the feedback from our customers is amazing. My decision to work with Smoothie Solutions is one of the best decisions I have made. If you want the best Smoothies on the market and the best service - look no further than Smoothie Solutions.

Café M. Gran Canaria

I am the manager of a 5 star hotel and we started with Smoothie Solutions six years ago. I am very pleased with the quality of the smoothies, the competitive prices and the service. I recommend Smoothie Solutions without hesitation.

Hotel H.L (five-star) Spain

My food and drink Kiosk has sold Smoothies from Smoothie Solutions for the past 7 years. I am very pleased with the product and the service. Our orders are delivered within 24 hours, 7 days a week! I recommend Smoothie Solutions to anyone.

Bar M - Mogán

My coffee and snack bar has been selling smoothies for more than 8 years. This product is increasingly popular with our customers. Thanks to everyone at Smoothie Solutions for your help and support. We are very satisfied.

Café O, Canary Islands

I am on vacation in the Canary Islands and my kids, husband and I have enjoyed your Smoothies every single day. They are 'Deliciously Amazing' - What a fantastic idea! Can I sell them in the UK?

Visitor to Gran Canaria

"Life Smoothies" are the best brand of smoothies available. Our customers love the product and we are proud to be working with Smoothie Solutions. Thank you to all the team.

Plantaciones de Origen

Once we tried "Life Smoothies" from Smoothie Solutions - we knew this was a premium product which our customers prefer. Thank you Stevie and Estefania and all at Smoothie Solutions.

Café DP, Canary Islands

Our city centre cafe has sold these smoothies for the past three years. Our clients regularly tell us they love the smoothies and they're very easy to prepare. The service from Smoothie Solutions is exceptional and Smoothie Solutions is great company to do business with.

Restaurant - Barcelona

Congratulations - this is a fantastic Smoothie product. I tried several suppliers for our new restaurant but Smoothie Solutions offered me what I consider to be the best smoothies on the market. Sales are good and my staff enjoy making them. Thank you.

Restaurant - Madrid

Our hotel has a reputation for quality and excellence. We started selling smoothies 8 years ago and they have honestly been a great success. Our guests enjoy these healthy, ice-cold drinks and we receive a brilliant service from the team at Smoothie Solutions. Recommended.

P.T. Hotel, Canary Islands

I ordered 1 box of each Smoothie and a Vitamix blender from Smoothie Solutions for our new coffee Shop. Smoothie Solutions designed and produced our menus and the Smoothies are selling very well. We are really pleased with them. Thanks to Stevie for all his help.

P.D.B. Coffee House - Tenerife

Thanks to Egle and her team for helping me to sell these amazing Smoothies. I'm glad I have found a Smoothie company I can trust. We sell about 200,000 smoothies a year.

International Distributor

Smoothie Solutions is a specialist creator, distributor and supplier of 100% natural IQF frozen smoothie packs and IQF smoothie ingredients.
We Love Taste.

Every Smoothie from Smoothie Solutions is packed into a ready-to-use sachet and contains the highest quality fruit. Our fruits and vegetables are grown naturally in the open air and are harvested, washed, cleaned, prepared and rapidly frozen, typically within 2 – 4 hours of picking. In many cases we will purchase the entire seasons crop from our growers and partners to ensure that we have access to the highest quality fruits and vegetables, all year round.

We use no added sugar, flavourings or colourings to our smoothies. We will never use cheaper fruit pulps or Grade B products – only pieces of whole, unpasteurised, frozen fruit. Our emphasis and insistence on using only the highest quality ingredients and our use of state of the art production methods in combination with the latest technology, means our unique tried and tested flavours have a great appearance and an amazing taste. They’re simply delicious.

Smoothie Solutions - IQF frozen Smoothie pack supplier and manufacturer.
Award winning quality, great prices, 100% reliable, world class customer service. We are different.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Middle East, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, U.A.E, United Kingdom

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