I am very pleased to announce the natural evolution of our company into an international provider of high quality smoothies. In recognition of this expansion and to reflect more accurately what we are about – I Love Smoothies Spain has rebranded as: Smoothie Solutions.

Smoothie Solutions creates and delivers the highest quality smoothies at unbeatable prices to distributors and food-service retailing chains throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

We have the same wonderful team and we sell the same brilliant smoothie products and brands – plus we will be introducing some exciting new goodies in the months ahead.

Never content to just cruise along – we are putting into place our longer term plans to introduce our amazing world-class smoothies to many more countries.

Here on the Canary Islands, where it all started, we expect our sales to increase significantly in 2015 as more and more clients change from competing brands to the original and the best smoothies. Our brands, all of which are exclusive to us, include:

I-Love Smoothies, Smoothie Dreamz and Smootheelicous.

Our products are specially created to be fast selling and to also represent a significant business opportunity for all of our clients.

The Smoothie Solutions team places a huge importance on looking after our customers and creating long term business relationships.

Without our customers we would not be where we are today – the leading smoothie supply company in the Canary Islands and we’re on our way to conquer Europe as well!

I would like to offer my most sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our many customers and partners who every day purchase our products.

Thank you for your confidence in us.

We look forward to continue offering you the best smoothie products in the marketplace.


The summer of 2015 is well and truly here and the Canary Islands are more popular than ever with record numbers of visitors holidaying in our beautiful and safe resorts.

I moved here in 2008 and am still delighted to discover new beaches and to find out more about the Canarian unique perspective on life.

The company I founded, Smoothie Solutions, has quickly grown to become the market leader in the creation and supply of premium smoothies throughout the Canaries.

We manufacture our products to the highest standards using our exclusive, award winning, secret recipes and in numerous taste tests, Smoothie Solutions is chosen above all other brands time and time again.

This year we signed an agreement with a major retailing chain to sell our products throughout Spain. We already sell to customers in Scandinavia and other countries.

We have increased our product line to include three distinct brands I-Love Smoothies, Smootheelicious and Smoothie Dreamz and I would like to thank everybody who has been a part of the creation of these three premium brands.

At Smoothie Solutions we believe our customers should always have the highest priority and our comittment is to offering an exceptional service to all of customers regardless of the volume of sales.

Earlier in the year we began our seven day a week delivery service as we know how important it is for our customers to not run out of smoothies.

We are the only company in the Canaries that offers a guaranteed delivery of all our customers orders within 24 hours of receiving the order – 7 days a week – 365 days a year. Very often we even deliver our orders within a few hours on the same day – and on the very, very rare occasions when we don’t deliver within 24 hours – our customer receives their entire order for free.

We are also the only smoothie company to have our own fleet of delivery vehicles and all orders are delivered by our team of exceptional customer service team members

I’d like to take this opportunity to also once again thank all of our customers for their confidence in us over the years.

Each one of you is very valuable to all of us at Smoothie Solutions and we appreciate your confidence in us.


– I’ve just noticed the thermometer – and right now it’s a pretty warm 34 degrees C.

I’ve checked out the company book of rules – there’s not many – but I’ve found a recommendation that advises everyone “to always stay cool”.

I’ve therefore made an excecutive, on-the-spot decision – to go and make a Papaya Playa Smoothie for myself.

We’ve changed the recipe and it is one our latest and tastiest Smoothies.

And after that . . . ?

Well let’s take one step at a time.

Let’s speak again soon,


Stevie Bird


2016 is well under way and already it’s set to become Smoothie Solutions busiest year yet.

We have added five new international distributors to our list of clients and we are now offering more smoothies to more people in more countries than ever before.

A crucial part of our growth has been the result of our new IT systems Business Intelligence software plus the hard work put in by our extraordinarily talented team.

Apart from the IT systems, in the past 6 months we have introduced a couple of new team members.

Maria has joined us to help with our financial management and accounting systems. Maria is a real delight to work with and she is now responsible for everything to do with numbers.

Zlatan has joined Smoothie Solutions as Customer Service manager and his personal challenge is to open as many new clients as possible.

In 2015 we are introducing to the market three of our new vegetable smoothies to join our very successful Green Machine. Plus we have a new range of smoothies with 100% natural nutritional boosters and protein boosters.

These types of innovation are what keeps Smoothie Solutions at the forefront of the competitive international smoothies supply sector.

We believe that competition is great. Our competitors are crucial to the industry and here at Smoothie Solutions we love looking at innovative new products and new services that we can introduce to the market.

Smoothie Solutions is always stay one step ahead.

Our recently introduced 7 day a week, 365 days a year, delivery service has proved a fantastic success and has been extremely well received by our customers. Our unique delivery service guarantees that customers receive their order within 2 -24 hours, or we will give the merchandise to the customer for free.

Competition in any market leads to more choice, better quality products, better prices and innovative new services

This year we have many exciting new plans and we hope to be welcoming many more customers on board as we continue to be the number one smoothie supply company in Europe.

I’d like to thank you all personally for buying our smoothies and I hope Smoothie Solutions can to continue to serve you for many years to come.


Stevie Bird