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Healthy Popular Profitable Prepared anywhere in 30 seconds year after year Food distributors love our smoothies prepared anywhere Recipes created by experts in 30 seconds Freshly made time after time Your clients will love them

We provide solutions for food and beverage distributors


Food and beverage distribution

Our premium smoothie products are ideal for food and beverage distributors who supply the catering and HORECA sectors .

There is strong consumer demand for our smoothies and the product presents a significant business opportunity for distributors, as margins are higher than the industry norm.

We offer highly competitive wholesale prices throughout Eastern and Western Europe and the Middle east.  

If you are you thinking of adding a smoothie product to your existing range, we invite you to contact us. We’ll explain how easy it is to do – and how profitable it can be.

 The quality of our smoothies is guaranteed – we only use Grade A quality ingredients and we never fruit pulps or lower grades of fruit. The product has a 24 month shelf life.

Discover the advantages of buying IQF frozen smoothie packs from Smoothie Solutions. We are different from the other suppliers.

Smoothie Solutions - Where success is natural


Specialised Smoothie Distribution

Smoothie Solutions also supplies professional smoothie operators who specialise only in the distribution of smoothies to the catering and HORECA sectors.

We understand this specialised smoothie distribution market as we also operate our own smoothie distribution business in the Canary Islands.

In fact we are the only manufacturer of IQF smoothie packs, who operates a successful dedicated smoothie distribution business. 

We are always pleased to advise and share our experience with other smoothie operators or those who are considering a start-up business.

We offer the best products on the market and some of the most competitive prices in Europe due  to our massive buying power. We also offer first class customer service. 

In fact we don’t just supply you with smoothies. We  help you to sell them too.

Our customers expect everything.

That’s why they choose Smoothie Solutions.

Smoothie Solutions - We are different!


Why choose Smoothie Solutions?

  • Premium product with innovative and fast selling recipes.

  • Strong consumer demand.

  • Easy to sell with high repeat sales.

  • Excellent profit margin.

  • Our own trademark protected brands – or your own brand  (minimum order)

  • Vegetarian / Vegan / Gluten free.

  • Two year shelf life.

  • Very competitive prices.

  • Ready made publicity and marketing support.

  • Outstanding customer service.

Smoothies in any combination of fruits & in any size.

Your Recipes or Ours

Smoothie packs with our brands or with yours.

Your Brand or Ours

We help our customers sell our smoothie products

The Customer is King

We supply publicity materials & design templates.

World class POS and training