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World Class Customer Support Sales and Customer Service are at the heart of everything we do We care about our customers Life Smoothies International team August - 2017. Courtesy of Smoothie Solutions We're community inspired We are Smoothie Solutions Stevie Bird - CEO - Smoothie Solutions and Life Smoothies International Stevie Bird C.E.O.

Smoothie Solutions has made amazing
smoothies since 2008

Our business was born from a passion for creating delicious and original fruit Smoothies and bringing our creations within the reach of all food-service retailers.

We established Smoothie Solutions in Gran Canaria in 2008 and within just a few weeks, we discovered the locals of the Canary Islands loved our smoothies just as much as we did.

In fact we sold so many smoothies it took us by surprise – and within 12 months we became the leading supplier of 100% natural IQF fruit Smoothies in the Canary Islands.

After a couple of years we decided to bring our products to a wider, international market and we established higher capacity production facilities and a logistics network.

Our smoothies are produced in the EU using the very latest technology. Every year, many millions of smoothies are supplied to customers in 15 countries and on 3 continents.

We have a team of extraordinarily talented people dedicated to producing the highest quality, best tasting and fastest selling Smoothies on the planet.

It’s been an amazing journey so far and we know it’s only just begun!

Smoothie Solutions - where success comes naturally

Our people, our values

We believe in long term relationships

At Smoothie Solutions we believe in people. We understand the importance of building and maintaining long term relationships with our customers, our partners, our suppliers and our team.

Many of our customers choose Smoothie Solutions to be their supplier because of a recommendation from an existing customer.

We believe the best way for us to grow a successful business is to provide our customers with market-leading products at great prices, together with outstanding customer service and support.

Our dedicated Customer Success Team works hard to make sure that the experience of our customers when dealing with Smoothie Solutions, meets and exceeds their expectations.

Our customers expect everything – that’s why they choose Smoothie Solutions.

About Smoothie Solutions

Young Company. We are a young and dynamic company of 12 persons and we like to make things happen. We also like to have fun whilst we do it. As an employer, we believe our responsibility is to create meaningful, interesting and rewarding work roles for our team, and to make the work environment as fulfilling and as enjoyable as possible. Our team is important and we want them to look forward to coming in each day.


Real Customer Success comes from the heart. The foundation of our business is the supply of high quality products, supplied at great prices along with world class point of sale materials and outstanding customer service.


We have a huge impact. Smoothie Solutions is a small company with a big reach. Smoothie Solutions home-base is in Gran Canaria, but we have multiple distributors and associates sprinkled around the globe. In fact, we have many more people working with us internationally than at our HQ. International culture is in our DNA.


We value diversity. Growing and maintaining our inclusive and diverse team matters to us. We are committed to a being a company where our team members feel comfortable being who they are. We encourage everyone to discover that they have the ability to be successful – every day.


We are passionate. Smoothie Solutions is full of passionate people and we are not all the same. Smoothie Solutions employs coffee connoisseurs, cat lovers, hikers, bikers, surfers, movie lovers, chill-out addicts, fitness fanatics, singles looking for love, IT geeks, parents, and other interesting people. We love our team for who they are – and for what they are passionate about.


In a nutshell. Smoothie Solutions aims to bring the best smoothies from around the world to your door. We have the best products on the market, we place the highest priority on maintaining excellent relations with our customers, our partners and our suppliers and we provide outstanding support and conditions to all of the people in our team.

Smoothie Solutions – market leading creativity since 2008

Smoothie Solutions was founded in this year
We sold this amount of Smoothies last year
People in our Gran Canaria team
People in our extended team worldwide

Meet the team



Managing Director

Stevie our CEO has been a fan of natural juices and smoothies for many years and has a life long interest in nutrition and healthy life style choices.

He enjoys travelling to different countries and cultures and spending time with people from around the world.

He is fascinated by the motivation of the human spirit and the psychology that drives people’s everyday actions.

Stevie is at his best when envisioning the future, creating new smoothie recipes and organising the odd party or two.

“What do I love? Many things – from seeing the magic in the eyes of a child – to watching the sun go down with a glass of champagne (or a smoothie) in my hand!

I enjoy using the latest technology and I am intrigued by it’s ability to transform the way we live.

I also enjoy great food and drink preferably in the company of friends and colleagues. I love many types of music, an adventure or two - perhaps in foreign lands – but most of all – I love people.”



Operations Manager

Sara is our Operations Manager and she is responsible for all the day to day operations and administrative tasks of Smoothie Solutions.

She has superhuman speed in preparing our customers orders, responding to customer enquiries and organising the logistics department who make the deliveries for the day.

Sara is not only about speed – she is also at the heart of Smoothie Solutions.

Everything that happens within our company depends on her capable and friendly management.

Her warmth and professionalism and her “Five Star” standards are at the centre of everything that she does – but it is her amazing smile and her beautiful personality that shines through everything.

Sara enjoys music, keeping fit, travel good food, and spending time with her family and friends.

Thank you Sara for being who you are and for choosing to be a valuable member of the Smoothie Solutions management team.



Customer Service / Sales Manager

José is our Customer Service and Ecommerce manager. He is a man of many skills whose mind moves faster than a gazelle.

He has a wealth of business experience and knowledge, is always friendly, professional and courteous and is an outstanding team player.

No task or project is too big or too small for him and with his combination of personality, business and people skills he greatly contribute to the smooth and efficient running of the eCommerce, Logistics and Customer Service Departments.

Jose joined the team in 2016, and with his easy-going personality and professionalism he has won everyone over and fits perfectly into the Smoothie Solutions family.

Jose is creative and resourceful and enjoys keeping fit, exploring nature and travelling all over the world. He also has has a phenomenal memory, a winning smile and he is planning to build his own house.

We love him!



E-commerce Senior Manager

Viki is our E-commerce manager responsible for our growing online sales Department.

Viki works hard to make sure that our customers have the best possible experience when dealing with Smoothie Solutions.

More coming soon!

Javier Rodriguez Ricarte - Smoothie Solutions - Logistics / Customer Service Manager


Logistics / Customer Service Manager

Javier works closely with Miguel and Jose to manage our Logistics and Warehouse departments. He makes sure that everything that happens on his watch is done thoroughly and 100% correctly.

Javier is the rock of dependability and discretion. He has a winning smile and all of our customers (and especially the ladies) love him!

He is a keen lover of nature and all outdoor activities, he will often be found at the beach with his friends and family. He enjoys fishing and surfing – or can even be found working up a sweat at the gym.

Smoothie Solutions would not be the same without Javier and we are grateful that he is a part of our amazing work family commonly known as Team One. Thank you for all of your many contributions, Javier.

“Most of all I love to spend time with my friends and family somewhere in this beautiful island amazing nature” – Javier

DSC03715 2


Logistics / Customer Service Manager

Miguel is our logistics guy with a heart of gold. As well as daily deliveries and customer service, Miguel is also responsible for the maintenance of our 8 vehicles and the organisation of our warehouses.

Miguel has been responsible for some important changes and improvements in the logistics and warehouse departments.

He is enthusiastic and positive with a brilliant sense of humour and he brings a smile to the faces of the rest of the crew.

Miguel is a highly appreciated team player who always takes the time to listen to and talk to our customers and help them however he can.

Miguel shares his life with his girlfriend, his daughter and son plus a family dog.

We are very proud to have you on board Miguel and we are extremely grateful that you are chose to be a part of the crew at Smoothie Solutions.



Admin / HR Consultant

Estefania advises Stevie and the team on HR and Admin issues.


Sales Executive

Vacancy - applications invited

XXXXXX is our Senior Account Executive and is responsible for the Sales and Customer Service Departments and for the joint management of our customers.

Many times, there does not seem to be enough hours in the day for her to visit all of our clients or to do all the things that she would like to.

When our customers ask specifically to talk only with XXXXXX and when our local and international sales are increasing dramatically – we know she must be doing something right!

XXXXXX works hard to make sure that our customers have the best possible experience when dealing with Smoothie Solutions.

She is a warm and fun-loving spirit who is elegantly professional in everything she does. She cheerfully tackles even the biggest of projects with cheerful competence and an amazing smile on her face.

XXXXXX is a delight to work with, and her sharp mind, her calmness, and her diplomatic skills are an example to us all.

Thank you so much for being a part of Smoothie Solutions, XXXXXX. We can’t imagine the Smoothie Solutions team without you.