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Health Benefits

Fruits are one of the tastiest and healthiest foods on the planet. They are full of natural vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytochemicals and antioxidants – all of which contribute towards vibrant health and can help protect against disease. Countless health studies recommend that fruits should form a significant part of our daily diet. That’s why Government health departments around the world recommend we eat at least 5 portions-a-day.

Our Smoothies are made only from pieces of whole fruit and berries – and we’ve made sure that each Smoothie contain at least two and a half portions of fruit. That’s half of the recommended daily allowance of five portions-a-day of fruit in one smoothie! We’ve worked hard to make sure all of our smoothies taste absolutely delicious too! Smoothie Solutions – we’re customer inspired and we’re passionate about fruit

100% Pure, Natural & Delicious!

Highest Quality Nutrition

To ensure our customers receive the best tasting smoothie with the maximum nutritional benefit – our Smoothies are freshly made to order, one loving glass at a time.

Our  Smoothies are made from fruit that has been Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) – which locks in the flavour, goodness and the nutrition of the fruit – for life. The super fast IQF process rapidly flash-freezes our fruit in only 1 or 2 seconds, instead of the old fashioned way of over several hours.

And unlike bottled smoothies, our IQF smoothies are not pasteurized so each Smoothie retains more of the natural goodness and taste of freshly picked fruit.
Each Smoothie is made to one of our award winning recipes and comes ready-mixed in a pre-portioned sachet

According to Fitness Magazine IQF frozen fruit has equal nutritional value to, if not more, than the fruit you find on the supermarket shelves.

Smoothie Solutions health checklist

Our Smoothies are pure, natural and delicious made from natural fruit and berries.

They are supplied in a sachet of pre-mixed ingredients and prepared when the consumer places their order. 

We don’t add any artificial preservatives, colours, flavourings or added sugars to our smoothies.

Green Machine frozen IQF smoothies from Smoothie Solutions and Life Smoothies International.

No added sugar means that our smoothies are a great choice for kids of all ages!

Our smoothies contain the natural fibre of the fruit – which is great for maintaining a healthy diet.

They are virtually fat free and can be consumed at any time to provide a delicious and nutritional pick-me-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use frozen fruit?

To ensure our customers receive the best tasting smoothies with the maximum nutritional benefit – we make all of our smoothies with Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) fruits. This means we have access to the highest quality fruits, all year round and we know that no damaged or poor quality fruit will ever make its way into one of our smoothies. Guaranteed.

Not only this, but our IQF fruit often contains more goodness and more vitamins than fresh fruit.

What is IQF technology?

With IQF technology the fruit is flash-frozen in one or two seconds, instead of the old fashioned way of over several hours. This IQF process locks in the goodness and nutrition of the fruit – for life.

According to Fitness Magazine frozen fruit can contain just as much and very often more nutritional value than the “fresh” fruit you find on the supermarket shelves.

There have been numerous studies around the world that confirm that IQF fruits provide at least the same essential nutrients and health benefits as fresh fruit and that the nutritional qualities are naturally preserved.

Why does IQF fruit make better Smoothies?

The Best Quality – You always get the the very best quality of ingredients in every one of our smoothies because we use IQF fruit specially grown and selected for Smoothie Solutions. There is no damaged or over-ripe fruit – ever. Guaranteed.

The Best Taste IQF fruit tastes better than pasteurized fruit. Smoothies that you find on the supermarket shelves in bottles or cartons have been pasteurized. This means the fruit has been heated to a high temperature, which reduces the nutritional content and changes the flavour of the fruit from “fresh” to “cooked”. Our IQF frozen fruit is not pasteurized and retains the taste, goodness, flavour and nutrition of fresh fruit. Our fruit is simply picked, washed, cut and frozen – with no cooking at any time, whatsoever.

The Best Nutrition – Our fruit is picked, washed, prepared and rapidly quick frozen and usually the whole process takes place within two hours. The actual flash-freeze process that locks in the vitamins and the enzymes of the fruit is accomplished in just one or two seconds and the nutrients of the fruit are preserved for the life of the product – which is well over two years. Fresh fruit very often contains less vitamins and nutrients than our IQF fruit, as nutrients are lost almost immediately after picking. Fruit in the shop can be several months old.

The Best Recipes – Our IQF Smoothie Sachets contain special combinations of fruit and berries mixed according to our tried and tested, secret recipes. Every smoothie tastes great – every time.

Less Preparation – There’s no need to do any washing, cleaning, peeling, cutting, chopping, scraping or slicing of fruit – with our IQF quick frozen Smoothie Sachets – it’s all done for you.

No Waste – Every Smoothie Solutions sachet contains exactly the right amount of quick-frozen fruit to make one perfect smoothie.

Stable Prices – Our IQF Smoothie sachets cost the same price all year round. Guaranteed. Fresh fruit prices vary enormously from month to month, according to availability and the seasons.

Constant Availability – Unlike fresh fruit, our IQF Smoothie sachets are available from January to December with no breaks in supply. Fresh fruits are of course only available according to the season.

Safer, Easier Shipping – IQF quick-frozen fruit travels extremely well with zero or minimal deterioration in quality, nutritional profile or appearance. Fresh fruit is very susceptible to bruising and damage, and nutritional loss during handling, transport and storage. Our IQF quick-frozen fruit, handles, travels and stores without any noticeable damage to taste, appearance or nutritional content.

How many portions of fruit in one smoothie?

Every of our Smoothies contains 2.5 portions of the government’s recommended daily allowance of of fruit. That is half of the daily recommended 5 portions of fruit a day – in one drink! Each IQF smoothie sachet has been analyzed by an independent, internationally recognized laboratory so we know exactly what’s in each and every smoothie sachet.

What is a Smoothie sachet?

A smoothie sachet is a pre-portioned, ready-mixed pack of whole pieces of quick-frozen fruit that contains exactly the right quantity of fruit to make one smoothie, when mixed with fruit juice in a blender. Each smoothie sachet contains between three and four different types of IQF fruit or berries or vegetables, that have been carefully mixed according to one of our award-winning smoothie recipes. Our products are sometimes called “frozen fruit sachets”.

Why are our Smoothies different from other smoothies?

Our products contain NO artificial preservatives,  sweeteners, added sugars or colourings.

Our products are unpasteurized. Smoothies in bottles have been pasteurized.

We never use ice as a filler – our IQF smoothies are made only from 100% pure fruit – and sometimes a touch of  yoghurt or protein.

Each one of our smoothies provides 2.5 of your 5-a-day recommended portions of fruit.

We’ve developed our smoothie recipes over many years, ensuring they’re the best on the market. Your customers will keep coming back for more!

The quality of our fruit is guaranteed and we use three or four different types of fruit in every smoothie sachet.

Our smoothies are never made with cheaper pasteurized fruit pulps – only unpasteurized whole pieces of freshly ripened fruit.

For retailers we provide  unbeatable Customer Service with flexible, easy ordering and rapid delivery.

For Distributors we provide an unrivaled Support Package to help you sell our products easily and quickly.

What equipment do I need?

If you run a cafe or snack bar we recommend you use a commercial blender to mix the quick frozen fruit sachets and some freezer space to store them. If you want to make our smoothies at home, you can use a domestic blender.

Will you be developing more smoothies or other products?

Definitely! We are passionate about Smoothies and are always looking for ways to improve everything we do. We are involved in the continual development of new flavours, products and concepts. In fact we have the world’s first sugar free, preservative free milkshakes plus our new Frappe Range.

If you have an idea for a new product or a great Smoothie recipe – tell us about it. We may end up making it, and if we do, we’ll give you 2,000 Smoothies for free! How lovely is that?

Do you have special trade prices for Distributors or cafeteria chains?

Yes we do. We supply many distributors and cafeteria chains and we know how important it is that you purchase at a competitive price. Please visit contact us for more information.